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Phoenix Area to See 500 New Jobs

All Images Courtesy of Dexcom

 by Robin Reich

It has been announced that San Diego’s Dexcom, a medical technology manufacturer, will be moving into Mesa soon!  

Dexcom plans to set up their second manufacturing facility on 232 South Dobson Road.  They’ve leased approximately 148,797 square feet of space there, with about half of that space becoming available to them last month.  The remaining space will become available to them in early 2018. Skanska USA Building Inc. has been contracted to complete the estimated $30 million build-out of this space, which is leased through the year 2028, when Dexcom will have the ability to renew the lease. (This information is according to EDGAR Online, Inc.)

Dexcom was looking at various possible locations for this new facility, including Texas, Colorado and Utah.  Ultimately, they chose the Mesa area, for several reasons.  Dexcom’s President & CEO, Kevin Sayer stated that, “We chose Mesa due to the available, talented workforce, in addition to the proximity to our headquarters in San Diego and our key suppliers. Given our company’s growth, and the growing demand for CGM technology, we felt that a significant expansion of our manufacturing capability in this location was a good strategic fit.”

Hiring has not started just yet.  Sayer stated, “Dexcom is excited to get settled into its new manufacturing facility in Mesa. While it’s a bit early for details on the hiring plans for the facility, we do look forward to maximizing on the area’s talent for management positions and then personnel infrastructure that will be built and established over the next few years.” 

Dexcom focuses on designing and manufacturing continuous glucose monitoring devices, with a desire to help revolutionize diabetes care.

All Images Courtesy of DexcomJust last year, Dexcom released the first ever, fully mobile continuous glucose monitoring system – their G5 system is unique because it doesn’t require the use of a special receiver.  Instead, glucose data is able to be sent directly from the patient’s sensor to their smart device! 

With the Dexcom G5 Mobile app, patients can view real-time glucose data on their phone, and even setup mobile alerts for when glucose levels are becoming too high or too low.  They’re also able to quickly & easily share their data with caregivers and family members through the mobile app. (You can see a list of compatible smart devices here.) 

All Images Courtesy of Dexcom

In addition to the 500 positions that Dexcom is bringing to town, Phoenix has been seeing a slew of other potential job openings in the last few months...    


⇒ The enormous AZ International Marketplace (920 W. Broadway Road), which offers food from around the globe, opened recently and added another 80-100 jobs for Mesa.

⇒ Rumor has it that a Korean supermarket chain, H-Mart, may be opening in Mesa too. 

⇒ American Traffic Solutions (ATS) recently relocated 464 employees to Mesa and celebrated their grand opening in mid-April. 


Health insurance company, Oscar, announced plans for expansion of their company into the Tempe area.  This announcement came earlier this month – see the full press release here


The Switzerland-based Kudelski Group announced earlier last week that they plan to form a US headquarters office in Phoenix. This new location will create around 200-350 new (high wage)  jobs for the area.  Click here for the full press release. 

Updated 6/17/2016


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