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Public Schools in Phoenix Arizona

Arizona’s steady growth has an impact on education – and the result is public school districts of all sizes that have earned strong reputations for both academic and extracurricular programs. With 58 school districts in three metropolitan Phoenix counties – Maricopa, Pinal and Yavapai – there are plenty of educational options for those relocating to Phoenix.

The following is an overview of school districts in Phoenix. We’ve included a brief description of each district, including number of students; number of schools by category (where applicable); and coverage area where available.  Also, many districts have their own website; if available, those are also listed with each district’s information. Statistics reflect data from the latest year available (2011-2012). For comprehensive information on each district, contact the Arizona Department of Education, at 800-352-4558, 602-542-5393 or visit www.azed.gov.

Agua Fria Union High School - District #216

Dr. Dennis Runyan, superintendent

750 E. Riley Dr
Avondale, AZ  85323

4 high schools

Established in 1955, the Agua Fria school district serves 6,649 students in grades 9-12 in the communities of Litchfield, Goodyear, Avondale, Buckeye and part of Glendale. A fifth high school is scheduled pending final decision of the Arizona School Facilities Board.

Aguila Elementary - District #63

Donald German, superintendent

P.O. Box 218
Aguila, AZ  85320

1 K-8 elementary school

The Aguila Elementary District serves 226 students in grades K-8.

Alhambra Elementary - District #68

Dr. Karen E. Williams, superintendent

4510 N. 37th Ave
Phoenix, AZ  85019

5 primary schools (K-3), 4 elementary /

middle schools (K-8); 6 middle schools (4-8)

Founded in 1888, the Alhambra Elementary District serves more than 14,000 students in 15 schools from grades K-8.

Arlington Elementary - District #47

Chad Turner, superintendent

9410 S. 355th Ave
Arlington, AZ  85322

1 elementary/middle school (K-8)

The Arlington Elementary District in Maricopa County serves some 275 students in grades K-8.

Avondale Elementary - District #44

Dr. Catherine Stafford, superintendent

235 W. Western Ave
Avondale, AZ  85323

8 K-8 schools; 1 alternative school

The Avondale Elementary District in Maricopa County serves 6,227 students in grades K-8.

Balsz Elementary - District #31

Dr. Jeffrey Smith, superintendent

4825 E. Roosevelt St
Phoenix, AZ  85008

2 elementary schools; 2 K-6 schools; 1 junior high prep academy

Founded in 1890, the Balsz Elementary District in Maricopa County covers six square miles east of downtown Phoenix and serves 2,825 students in grades K-8.

Buckeye Elementary - District #33

Dr. Kristi Sandvik, superintendent

210 S. 6th St
Buckeye, AZ  85326

6 elementary schools

The Buckeye Elementary District in Maricopa County serves 4,600 students in grades K-8.

Buckeye Union High School - District #201

Beverly Hurley, superintendent

902 Eason Ave
Buckeye, AZ  85326

3 high schools; 1 academy/

alternative school

The Buckeye Union High School District in Maricopa County serves 3,710 students in grades 9-12.

Cartwright Elementary - District #83

Dr. Jacob Chavez, superintendent

3401 N. 67th Ave
Phoenix, AZ  85033

16 elementary schools; 4 middle schools; 2 alternative schools

Founded in 1921, the Cartwright Elementary District in Maricopa County serves 24,875 students in grades K-8.

Cave Creek Unified - District #93

Dr. Debbi C. Burdick, superintendent

P.O. Box 426
33606 N. 60th St
Cave Creek, AZ  85327

5 elementary schools; 1 middle schools; 1 high school

The Cave Creek Unified District, which includes the communities of Cave Creek, Carefree, Maricopa County, North Phoenix and Scottsdale, serves 7,007  students in grades K-12.

Chandler Unified - District #80

Dr. Camille Casteel, superintendent

1525 W. Frye Rd
Chandler, AZ  85224

29 elementary schools; 5 junior high schools; 4 high schools; 2 alternative schools

The Chandler Unified District, located in the southeastern part of the Phoenix metropolitan area, serves 40,865  students in grades K-12.

Creighton Elementary - District #14

Dr. Charlotte Boyle, superintendent

2702 E. Flower St
Phoenix, AZ  85016

9 Pre-K-8 elementary and middle schools

Founded in 1884, the Creighton Unified District, located in Maricopa County, serves 10,353 students in grades Pre-K-8.

Deer Valley Unified School - District #97

Dr. James Veitenheimer, superintendent

20402 N. 15th Ave
Phoenix, AZ  85027

16 K-6 elementary schools; 12 K-8 elementary/ middle schools; three 7-8 middle schools; five 9-12 high schools; 1 alternative school; 1 virtual high school; 1 international honors program

One of the largest school districts in Arizona, the Deer Valley Unified District covers 367 square miles and serves 43,788 students in grades K-12 in Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Anthem, New River, Cave Creek and unincorporated areas of Maricopa County.

Dysart Unified - District #89

Gail Pletnick, superintendent

15802 N. Parkview Pl
Surprise, AZ  85374

20 elementary schools; 1 alternative program campus; 3 high schools

The Dysart Unified District covers 140 square miles and serves 22,067 students in grades K-12 in part of El Mirage, Glendale, Surprise, Youngtown and Maricopa County in the Northwest Valley.

East Valley Institute of Technology - District #401

Dr. Sally Downey, superintendent

1601 W. Main St
Mesa, AZ  85201

1 high school (10-12); 12 buildings, plus evening adult education

EVIT is a public school district that serves students from 10 East Valley school districts, including Apache Junction, Chandler, Fountain Hills, Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, Tempe, Higley and J.O. Combs. Students spend half their day at EVIT and the other half at their regular high school, earning elective credit in 35 occupation-specific programs.

Fountain Hills Unified - District #98

Tom Lawrence, superintendent

16000 E. Palisades Blvd
Fountain Hills, AZ  85268

1 Pre-K-2 elementary school; one elementary school (3-5); 1 middle school (6-8); 1 high school (9-12)

The Fountain Hills Unified District, located just east of Scottsdale and west of the McDowell Mountains, covers 19 square miles and serves about 3,376 students in grades K-12 from the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation and surrounding communities.

Fowler Elementary - District #45

Marvene Lobato, superintendent

1617 S. 67th Ave
Phoenix, AZ  85043

5 elementary schools (including 1 Pre-K/ childcare center); 2 middle schools

The Fowler Elementary District, located in Maricopa County, serves 5,152 students in grades K-8.

Gila Bend Unified - District #24

James Mosley, superintendent

308 N. Martin Avenue
Gila Bend, AZ  85337

1 elementary school (K-8); 1 high school (9-12)

Founded in 1887, the Gila Bend Unified District, located in Maricopa County, serves 486 students in grades K-12.

Gilbert Unified - District #41

Dr. Dave Allison, superintendent

140 S. Gilbert Rd
Gilbert, AZ  85296

1 preschool; 26 elementary schools; 6 junior high schools; 4 high schools; 3 academies; 1 alternative education campus

The Gilbert Unified District had 27 “Excelling”-ranked schools in 2008 and serves more than 45,000 students in grades K-12.

Glendale Elementary - District #40

Joseph Quintana, superintendent

7301 N. 58th Ave
Glendale, AZ  85301

1 preschool; 26 elementary schools; 6 junior high schools; 4 high schools; 3 academies; 1 alternative education campus

The Gilbert Unified District had 27 “Excelling”-ranked schools in 2008 and serves 16,779 students in grades K-8.

Glendale Union High School - District #205

Eugene Dudo, superintendent

7650 N. 43rd Ave
Glendale, AZ  85301

9 high schools (9-12)

Founded in 1911, the Glendale Union High School District encompasses 60 square miles and serves 20,231 students from Phoenix and Glendale.

Higley Unified - District #60

Dr. Denise Birdwell, superintendent

2935 S. Recker Rd
Gilbert, AZ  85297

7 elementary schools; 1 elementary/

middle school; 2 high schools

The Higley Unified District, located in Maricopa County, serves some 9,500 students in grades K-12.

Isaac Elementary - District #5

Carlos Bejarano, superintendent

3348 W. McDowell Rd
Phoenix, AZ  85009

7 elementary schools (one K-3, one K-4, five K-5); 2 elementary/middle schools (K-8); 3 middle schools (one 5-8, two 6-8)

The Isaac Elementary District, which covers 6.8 square miles in Maricopa County, serves about 8,520 students in grades K-8.

Kyrene Elementary - District #28

Dr. David K. Schauer, superintendent

8700 S. Kyrene Rd
Tempe, AZ  85284

19 elementary schools; 6 middle schools

Founded in 1888, the Kyrene Elementary District serves 21,838 students in grades K-8 from the cities of Tempe, Guadalupe, Phoenix and Chandler, as well as students from the Gila River Indian Reservation.

Laveen Elementary - District #59

Dr. Bill Johnson, superintendent

9401 S. 51st Ave
Laveen, AZ  85339

five K-8 elementary/middle schools;

1 traditional school

The Laveen Elementary District, located in the southwest portion of Phoenix between the South Mountain Range and the Estrella Mountains in Maricopa County, serves some 5,019  students in grades K-8.

Liberty Elementary - District #25

Dr. Andy Rogers, superintendent

19871 W. Fremont Rd
Buckeye, AZ  85326

5 elementary schools

The Liberty Elementary District, located in Maricopa County, serves 3,144 students in grades K-8.

Litchfield Elementary - District #79

Dr. Julianne Lein, superintendent

553 Plaza Circle
Litchfield Park, AZ  85340

8 elementary schools; 3 middle schools;

1 learning center

The Litchfield Elementary District, located in Maricopa County, serves 9,156 students in grades K-8.

Littleton Elementary - District #65

Dr. Roger Freeman, superintendent

1252 S. Avondale Blvd
Avondale, AZ  85323

Six K-8 elementary schools

Founded more than 100 years ago, the Littleton Elementary District, located in Maricopa County, serves over 6,000  students in grades K-8.

Madison Elementary - District #38

Tim Ham, superintendent

5601 N. 16th St
Phoenix, AZ  85016

5 elementary schools (including 1 Pre-K/ childcare center); 2 middle schools

The Madison Elementary District, located in Maricopa County, serves 5,325 students in grades K-8.

Maricopa County Regional School - District #509

Ernest Rose, superintendent

358 North Fifth Ave
Phoenix, AZ  85003

1 middle/high school (6-12); 1 regional learning center (9-12); 2 alternative schools (3-12)

The Maricopa County Regional School District serves nearly 1,000 students.

Mesa Unified - District #4  (Mesa Public Schools)

Michael Cowan, superintendent

63 E. Main St No 101
Mesa, AZ  85201

58 elementary schools; 13 junior high schools; 7 senior high schools; 9 focus schools; and 13 “choice” programs/schools (including early learning and Head Start programs)

The Mesa Unified District, one of the state’s largest, serves some 81,361  students in grades Pre-K-12.

Mobile Elementary - District #86

Dr. Kit Wood, superintendent

42798 S. 99th Ave
Maricopa, AZ  85239

1 elementary/middle school

The Mobile Elementary District is a rural school district that serves 24 students in grades K-8.

Morristown Elementary - District #75

Lucille Thompson, superintendent

25950 Rockaway Hills Dr
Morristown, AZ  85342

1 elementary/middle school

The Morristown Elementary District serves 112 students in grades K-8.

Murphy Elementary - District #21

Kathy Granillo-Beebe, superintendent

2615 W. Buckeye Rd
Phoenix, AZ  85009

4 elementary/middle schools

Founded in 1886, the Murphy Elementary District, located in Maricopa County, serves 2,247 students in grades K-8.

Nadaburg Unified School - District #81

Ben Goodman, superintendent

32919 Center St
Wittman, AZ  85361

4 elementary/middle schools

Located about 35 miles from downtown Phoenix, the Nadaburg Unified District serves 986 students in grades K-12 from the rural community of Wittman and parts of northwest Surprise and Peoria.

Osborn Elementary - District #8

Dr. Wilma Basnett, superintendent

1226 W. Osborn Rd
Phoenix, AZ  85013

1 K-3 elementary school; three K-6 elementary schools; one 4-6 elementary school; one 7-8 middle school;

Originally founded in 1879 to serve students from Tonto Basin, the Osborn Elementary District serves 3,649 students in grades K-8.

Palo Verde Elementary - District #49

Robin Berry, superintendent

10700 S. Palo Verde Rd
Palo Verde, AZ  85343

1 K-8 elementary/middle school

The Palo Verde Elementary District, located about 50 miles west of Phoenix, serves 248 students in grades K-8.

Paloma Elementary - District #94

Don Coleman, superintendent

38739 U.S. Highway 85 (Iā€8)
Gila Bend, AZ  85337

1 K-8 elementary/middle school

The Paloma Elementary District, a rural district in Maricopa County, serves 82 students in grades K-8.

Paradise Valley Unified - District #69

Dr. James Lee, superintendent

15002 N. 32nd St
Phoenix, AZ  85032

31 elementary schools; 8 middle schools; 5 high schools; several alternative/choice programs

The fourth-largest district in Arizona, the Paradise Valley Unified District, located across 98 square miles of northeast metropolitan Phoenix, serves some 42,238  students in grades K-12.

Pendergast Elementary - District #92

Dr. Ron Richards, superintendent

3802 N. 91st Ave
Phoenix, AZ  85037

1 primary school; 12 elementary schools;

1 intermediate school

The Pendergast Elementary District, is located in Maricopa County, serves 13,786 students in grades K-8.

Peoria Unified - District #11

Dr. Denton Santarelli, superintendent

6330 W. Thunderbird Rd
Glendale, AZ  85306

30 elementary schools; 8 high schools

The Peoria Unified District, located in the Phoenix suburb of Glendale, serves 38,611 students in grades K-12.

Phoenix Elementary - District #1

Myriam Roa, superintendent

1817 N. 7th St
Phoenix, AZ  85006

16 elementary/middle schools

The Phoenix Elementary District in Maricopa County serves serves 8,134  students in grades K-8.

Phoenix Union High School - District #210

Kent Scribner, superintendent

4502 N. Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ  85012

11 comprehensive high schools; 3 alternative schools; 3 small schools

The Phoenix Union High School District serves 46.055 students in grades K-12.

Queen Creek Unified - District #95

Tom Lindsey, superintendent

20740 S. Ellsworth Rd
Queen Creek, AZ  85242

4 elementary schools; 2 middle schools;

1 high school

The Queen Creek Unified District, located in Maricopa County, serves 5,113  students in grades K-12.

Riverside Elementary - District #2

Dr. Jaime Rivera, superintendent

1414 S. 51st Ave
Phoenix, AZ  85043

2 elementary schools

The Riverside Elementary District, located west of the Phoenix metro area, serves 1209 students in grades K-8.

Roosevelt Elementary - District #66

Jacqueline Jackson, superintendent

6000 S. 7th St
Phoenix, AZ  85042

21 elementary, middle and

alternative schools

Founded in 1912 and located in South Mountain Village near downtown Phoenix, the Roosevelt Elementary District serves 15,304 students in grades K-8.

Saddle Mountain Unified - District #90

Dr. Mark Joraanstad, superintendent

38201 W. Indian School Rd
Tonopah, AZ  85354

3 elementary schools; 1 high school

The Saddle Mountain Unified District serves 1,067 students in grades K-12.

Scottsdale Unified School - District #48

Dr. David J. Peterson, superintendent

3811 N. 44th St
Phoenix, AZ  85018

20 elementary schools; 7 middle schools; 5 high schools; 1 alternative school

Founded in 1886, the Scottsdale Unified School District serves 33,470 students in grades K-12 in most of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, as well as parts of Phoenix and Tempe.

Sentinel Elementary - District #71

Christopher Maynes, superintendent

53802 W. US Hwy 80
Sentinel, AZ  85333

1 elementary/middle school

The rural Sentinel Elementary District serves 39 students in grades K-8.

Tempe Elementary - District #3

Christine Busch, superintendent

3205 S. Rural Rd
Tempe, AZ  85282

18 elementary schools (K-5); 4 middle schools (6-8); Intervention Program middle schools (6-8); and a K-8 traditional school

The Tempe Elementary School District covers 36 square miles – including Tempe, parts of Phoenix and the town of Guadalupe – and serves 14,026 students in grades K-8.

Tempe Union High School - District #213

Kenneth Baca, superintendent

500 W. Guadalupe Rd
Tempe, AZ  85283

6 comprehensive high schools; 1 alternative high school; 1 academy for gifted students

The Tempe Union High School District covers 162 square miles – including the cities of Tempe, Guadalupe, the Gila River Indian community, the Ahwatukee Foothills area of Phoenix and parts of Chandler – and serves 32,340 students in grades K-8.

Tolleson Elementary - District #17

Lupita Hightower, assistant superintendent

9261 W. Van Buren
Tolleson, AZ  85353

4 elementary/middle schools

Organized in 1923, the Tolleson Elementary District is located about 10 miles west of downtown Phoenix, and serves 2,859 students in grades K-8 from Tolleson, parts of southwest Phoenix and the northeast section of the city of Avondale.

Tolleson Union High School - District #214

Lexi Cunningham, interim superintendent

9801 W. Van Buren St
Tolleson, AZ  85353

6 high schools

The Tolleson Union High School District, founded in 1914, covers just over 10 square miles and serves some 11,566  students in grades 9-12.

Union Elementary - District #62

Dr. Pat Gillespie, superintendent

3834 S. 91st Ave
Tolleson, AZ  85353

1 elementary school (K-5); 1 middle school (6-8); 1 K-7 school

The Union Elementary District, also in Tolleson and located about 25 miles west of downtown Phoenix, serves 2,761  students in grades K-8.

Washington Elementary School - District #6

Dr. Susan Cook, superintendent

4650 W. Sweetwater Ave
Glendale, AZ  85304

19 K-6 elementary schools; two K-5 elementary schools; six K-8 elementary/

middle schools; one 6-8 middle school; 4 middle/junior high schools

The Washington Elementary School District, the largest elementary district in Arizona, serves more than 29,000  students in grades K-8.

West MEC #402

Gregory J. Donovan, superintendent

4949 W. Indian School
Phoenix, AZ  85031

Formed in 2003 to enhance career and technical education (CTE) opportunities for high school students, the West-MEC (Maricopa Education Center) is a public school district that has partnerships with 12 school districts in Maricopa County. The district has serves more than 21,000 students in 39 high schools that enroll in CTE courses at West-MEC.

Wickenburg Unified - District #9

Howard C. Carlson, superintendent

40 W. Yavapai St
Wickenburg, AZ  85390

2 elementary schools (K-5); 1 middle school (6-8); 1 high school (9-12); 1 alternative high school (9-12)

The Wickenburg Unified District, located in northwest Maricopa County about 50 miles west of Phoenix in the Hassayampa River Valley, serves 665 students in grades K-8.

Wilson Elementary - District #7

Antonio Sanchez, superintendent

3025 E. Fillmore St
Phoenix, AZ  85008

1 Head Start school; 1 primary school (K-3); 1 elementary/middle school (4-8)

The Wilson Elementary District serves 683 students in grades K-8.

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