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Contact NameJoseph Laney
Address 5635 E.Thomas Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85018
Website URL www.phoenixmetrohome.com

Joseph Laney is a licensed REALTOR® w/ North & Co. in Phoenix, AZ. Having originally come from CA. to AZ; he works with buyers, sellers, investors; and also works with /understands the needs of those relocating to the Valley. Coming from an energy industry background first, he had to deal with volatile processes and reactionary, spur of the moment events on a regular basis. This translated well into real estate since he can keep cool when the heat is on and look at things objectively for clients when a deal gets tough & emotions are high. Thinking on his feet like this also allows him to craft creative solutions should any issues or complications arise. Having a knack at researching/searching and analyzing data; Joe can offer you the help, guidance, and ease in your transaction that many cannot. Being with North & Co. also offers many tools that other brokers do not. From state of the art marketing, to transaction managers like no other, and even a catalog of off market properties unique to North & Co. that gives our clients a jump on the competition. Averaging the highest per agent transaction #’s in the industry, North & Co. is a family of all full-time professionals that are a step above the rest!

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North & CO - Joseph Laney

North & CO - Joseph Laney

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