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Cave Creek, AZ


Welcome to the Valley!

Whether your relocation destination be, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Surprise, Sun City… anywhere within this great state, all are terrific considerations! We welcome you and yours!

Personally speaking, I am a Philadelphia native. I have been enjoying Arizona for almost 20 years already, and I wouldn’t trade a single day with everything that Arizona has to offer along with the families experiences here. I’m happy for you!

What we are going to talk about right now is Medicare, and how we can ensure there are no breaks or gaps in coverages, and a seamless conversion from your current plan from whatever state or county of which you are relocating from.

I can be reached directly by you, or sometimes using a referral or a team approach as far as the initial introduction, I work with a great many professionals as well as with realtors in the areas of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security relocation in taking care of their clients. My knowledge, my services and my personality are greatly appreciated, and Medicare is a topic that can easily be overlooked until it’s too late. Realtors especially, have a great deal of confidence in what I do, knowing that concerning their clients, this is a sensitive and important area of focus that will be taken care of with efficiency. Everybody wins!

Let’s be honest…a fair statement is that Medicare is a vast and ever-changing area of healthcare that can be confusing, with that confusion leading to frustration at times. These feelings are generally due to surprises, and in healthcare it’s fair to say that any surprise usually isn’t the good kind…so let’s start out together by limiting those thorns.

Moving with Medicare. As you may be aware, there are specific steps needing to be address when moving with Medicare, of which I will provide proper guidance with Social Security, along with other probable Federal or State or Insurance Carrier entities, of which I have the advanced knowledge, as well as relationships with the proper people in place. Hence, our collective and continuous goal is that we both would always be able to look back with great favor on our interactions as time well spent with exceptional confidence. This is who I am, and this is how you would benefit from our relationship. This is only the beginning!

My services are at no cost to you, ever! I am passionate about our conversations, the getting to know you, and then of course, drilling down on the topic of Medicare. With everything in place, we then can move forward as to what best fits you within the guidelines and expected benefits that respectfully reflect your personal wants and needs.

Medicare is a terrific program and has helped millions of people since 1965, but is a much different experience without the proper relationships in place. What I am saying here is that you don’t need a degree in Medicare to understand everything to be confident….you just need to know who to go to and who you can lean on, and of course that would be me!

As an Added Courtesy. Call or write us today to find out more of what is in your favor! As an added courtesy, I will also assist with any short-term health insurance plans for spouses that do not have Medicare as of yet, or other family members until everyone gets settled.

We are all very well aware that moving can be extremely stressful. Please allow me to lighten your load a bit.

I am extending my hand in friendship and as a good neighbor. In closing for now, a last piece of comforting news….we don’t shovel sunshine!

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